Places and Attractions around the River Humber
Bridge Details

Until 1998 the Humber Bridge had the longest single span of any bridge in the world. It represented a considerable achievement for British engineering design and construction. The Bridge was built by many contractors the main ones were John Howard & Co (sub structure) and British Bridge Builders, this was a consortium formed by Sir William Arrol & Co Ltd, Cleveland Bridge and Engineering Co Ltd and Redpath Dorman Long Ltd. (super structure). The bridge was designed by Freeman Fox and Partners.( now Acer Freeman).

Name Measurement
Main Span 1,410 metres
Side Span, North
Side Span, South
280 metres
530 metres
Total length between anchorages 2,220 metres
Clearance over high water 30 metres
Carriageways Dual two-lane carriageway
plus separate footpaths
Total deck width (Including footpaths) 28.5 metres
Tower height above piers 155.5 metres
Main cables Two cables, each of 14,948 wires of 5mm diameter and 1,540 N/mm2 UTS plus an additional 800 similar wires in each cable on the Hessle side
Diameter of main cables 0.68 metres
Total length of wire 71.000 kilometres
Load in each cable 19,400 tonnes
Weight of steel:
              deck structure
              main cables

16,500 tonnes
11,000 tonnes
Total weight in concrete 480,000 tonnes
Depth of foundations:
Anchorage, North side
Anchorage, South side
21 metres
35 metres
Tower, North side
Tower, South side
8 metres
36 metres
The World's 20 Longest Single Span Bridges.
# Name Country Span
1 Akashi Kaikyo Japan 1,991 1998
2 Xihoumen China 1,650 2009
3 Great Belt Denmark 1,624 1998
4 Yi Sun-sin South Korea 1,545 2012
5 Runyang China 1490 2005
6 Nanjing Fourth Yangtze China 1,418 2012
7 Humber England 1410 1981
8 Jiangyin Jiangsu China 1385 1999
9 Tsing Ma Hong Kong 1377 1997
10 Hardanger Bridge Norway 1310 2013
11 Verrazano Narrows U.S.A. 1298 1964
12 Golden Gate U.S.A. 1,280 1937
12 Yangluo China 1,280 2007
14 Hoga Kusten Sweden 1210 1997
15 Aizhai China. 1,176 2012
16 Mackinac U.S.A. 1,158 1957
17 Ulsan South Korea 1,150 2015
18 Qingshui River China 1,130 2015
19 Huangpu Japan 1,108 2008
20 Mihami Bison Seto Japan 1,100 1988
Ancillary Items

There are extensive car, coach and lorry parking areas and toll plaza sited on the northern end of the bridge. Aircraft warning lights are fitted on the towers and for river traffic there are navigation lights fitted to the underside of the bridge deck. Emergency telephones and matrix signs are located along the bridge and early warning signs are provided on the approaches to the bridge. The Humber Bridge country park is situated on the north side in what used to be a chalk quarry until it closed in 1960 and it has been developed into an area of natural beauty. There are many trails to explore within the park and a play area on the foreshore.
There is also a Tourist Information Centre, Cafeteria and public toilets.