Hull Docks   Page - Two -

 Railway Dock.

  With the advance of the railways linking Hull with Selby and Leeds more trade came to the port and again it was decided another dock was needed and in 1844 an Act allowed for the construction of a branch dock on the west side of Humber Dock and to the north of the Railway Terminus. It opened for shipping on Friday 18th June 1846 and was officially opened on 3rd December 1846.

All these Docks were known as the 'Town Docks' and with the exception of Queens Dock which had closed several years earlier, were closed to shipping in 1968-69 and sold to the Hull Corporation for £500,000. The Humber and Railway Docks are now used as a Marina for pleasure boats which opened on the 1st May 1983.

 Victoria Dock.

   The next dock built was the first one to the East of the River Hull and the excavations started in September 1845. The first stone was laid on the 5th November 1846 and it opened on Wednesday 3rd July 1850.

The original entance was from the River Hull via lockpits but later an extension called the 'Half-tide basin' was constructed on the south side of the dock with a 60 foot entrance from the River Humber. In 1964 the entrance to the Victoria Dock from the River Hull was closed and remodelled. The Dock was finally closed on the 1st February 1970.

In 1988 a £63 million scheme was started to redevelop the derelict dock into a dockland village including a mini marina and promenade.

 Albert and William Wright Dock.

    In 1860 more dock accommodation was needed and two companies Hull West Dock Company, Hull Dock Company were pushing for the rights to build a dock to the west of the present Port System. The later named was granted Parliamentary Powers to proceed with construction, and it was built on reclaimed land on the banks of the River Humber
It was opened officially on the 22nd July 1869 by Albert Edward, Prince of Wales who later became King Edward VII. When it was opened it was turned over to the ports fishing industry due to the very good fishing grounds in the North Sea. In 1883 St Andrews Dock was completed and the operations of the fishing fleet were transfered completely to this dock.
In 1873 work began on another dock to the west of Albert Dock and on Monday 24th May 1873 it was opened and named William Wright Dock after the Chairman of The Hull Dock Company.
The Albert and William Wright docks were joined together in 1910. In the late 1950s Albert Dock was redeveloped and in 1959 half of the south side had been reconstructed. In October 1972 the docks were closed to commercial traffic. Due to the changing needs of the fishing industry it was refurbished and in November 1975 the docks were again transferred to the Fishing Industry.
It was inaugerated by the Rt. Hon. Frederick Peart M.P. Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food on the 27th Febrary 1976. It also supports a ship repair operation and cargo vessels.